Waterford Stanley Twin Series Gas Cookers – SAFETY ALERT

Waterford Stanley Twin Series Gas Cookers – SAFETY ALERT

Waterford Stanley Twin Series Gas Cookers – SAFETY ALERT

This Safety Alert (SA) has been published to provide guidance to Gas Safe Registered businesses/engineers about a product safety concern relating to Waterford Stanley Twin Series gas cookers.

The pressure switch settings on a Waterford Stanley Twin Series gas cooker, manufactured between 1996 and 2003, are a safety critical factor and must be checked and set in accordance with the procedure detailed in this Safety Alert. The appliance has two pressure switches either of which can detect a blocked flue.

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Affected Models

The two following Waterford Stanley range cookers are affected:

  • Twin Series Gas Fired 100k
  • Twin Series Gas Fired 80k

Safe Setting Procedure for Pressure Switches on Twin Series Gas Cooker

When working on a Twin Series Gas Range Cooker it is necessary to confirm that the pressure switch contacts have not become seized or bridged together. This is confirmed by removing the positive pressure air hose from the boiler pressure switch while the boiler burners are running, the burner must lock out immediately to verify the correct operation of the pressure switch, repeat the same procedure for the oven burner to verify the operation of the oven burner pressure switch.

If the burner continues to operate with the positive air hose removed it signals that the pressure switch has become seized / bridged and must be replaced. Where it is not possible to replace the pressure switch, the current Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) should be implemented and the appropriate actions and warning notices/labels completed and issued.

To ensure the safe and correct operation of the pressure switch it must be set at between 0.25 and 0.3mbar below the pressure created in the burner.

In the event of a blocked flue the differential pressure in the burner should fall because of a pressure build up in the appliance resulting in a safe shut down of the appliance.

Under normal operating conditions there will be a ‘high’ differential pressure between the positive and negative connections on the pressure switch.

Prior to setting the pressure switches it must be established that there is not a pre-existing blocked flue condition.

Is Your Waterford Stanley Gas Cooker Affected?

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Setting / Checking the Pressure Switch

For full details on how to check and set the pressure switch please read Safety Alert 023.

Any customers, gas users or registered businesses who have concerns with regards to their Waterford Stanley range cooker should contact the Waterford Stanley Service Department on 00353 5130 2333.

Waterford Stanley Twin Series Gas Cookers – SAFETY ALERT
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