Radiant Tube Heater Problems & Repair

Radiant Tube Heater Repair - Saint John's Wood (NW8)

Commercial radiant tube & plaque heaters installation & repairs in St. John’s Wood and the surrounding areas. FREE quote on ☎ 0208 252 8927.

Radiant tube heaters & plaque heaters are used in warehouses, factories or any large area that requires heating.

It’s a very good source of heating big open space. PHS  is specialising in the service, repair & install of all makes & models of radiant tube heaters & radiant plaque heaters.

Recently, our commercial gas heating engineer attended a client with a radiant tube heater not working only to find the reason the radiant tube heater stopped working was a restriction in the gas. Easily resolved allowing the gas supply back on giving back the heating to that commercial unit.

If you need a commercial gas heater repair in St. John’s Wood and the surroundings, we are just a call away, will diagnose the fault & get your heater working again so you can keep working. We also offer scheduled services & certificates along with new radiant heater installation.

So what ever your requirements call now to speak to the experts & book a engineers visit.

Radiant Tube Heater Problems?

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Radiant Tube Heater Repair in St. John's Wood (NW8)
Radiant Tube Heater Repair St Johns Wood

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