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With years of experience in the construction industry, Property Heating Solutions have a wide variety of techniques and offerings that could help you with your project. One of the most recent and innovative techniques offered being Diamond Drilling Services. Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial business owner, or another construction professional, we are confident that our diamond drilling services in London can be right for you.

We have a sturdy reputation in the area, and are well known for our innovative solutions. This makes us one of the leading diamond drilling contractors in the industry, and we’re available to help you with your project.

Our team at PHS just loves to embrace new and advanced technologies, and we have worked on mastering this technique tirelessly before offering it to you. All of our team are now experts on diamond cutting services, and can complete any project with the utmost professionalism. We have the knowledge and expertise required to carry out diamond drilling services to the highest quality!

Diamond Drilling Contractor in London

Property Heating Solutions offer a competitive, prompt, and reliable service that you will struggle to find elsewhere. We are consistently on time and budget, and pride ourselves on our excellent health, safety, and working regulations. However, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we endeavour to ensure this each and every time we carry out a project. When you choose us to help you with your diamond drilling needs, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Make sure you let us know when you would like your project completed and what your budget is, and we’ll ensure we get your project finished on time and to your budget, along with any other requirements.

We are able to work with various customers, including homeowners looking to make a change to their property, and builders / developers on more commercial projects. All you have to do is get in touch to discuss your needs with us today. A friendly member of the team is usually on hand to answer questions!

London Diamond Drilling Services

What Is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond Drilling is a high precision form of core drilling, famed for its ability to produce exact measurements. You can choose your exact hole measurements and have almost unlimited depth control, and this is unlike any other technique out there at the moment.

The system utilises core bits fitted with a diamond impregnated cutting face to create precise, measured holes that are exactly what and where you need them to be. This can be used on a number of durable materials including; concrete, brickwork, blockwork, masonry and rock.

Although the system is primarily used on concrete, it can even be used on materials such as glass, metal, asphalt, and tile. On each of these materials diamond drilling can ‘wow’ customers because of the precision, ease, and zero disruption the service offers. Many customers can’t believe how quickly, and efficiently it is!

The diamond drilling system can pretty much be used in any situation where precise holes are required. The drills used in projects are lightweight and versatile, and can be used in various directions, making them suitable for a wide range of jobs. The system can create clean, precise holes anywhere between 8mm to more than 1500mm in diameter.

Structural integrity is always maintained due to the non-percussive rotary action, which is one of the biggest benefits of choosing this system for your project.

If you’re unsure as to whether your project needs diamond drilling services, we are more than happy to advise you.

Benefits of Diamond Drilling

There are many benefits to diamond drillin. With this service, there’s much less chance of damage, due to the non-percussive rotary action and the lightweight, portable equipment used in the process. This means the system can be used on anything from concrete to tile and no damage will be caused.

The service is suitable for a variety of materials and projects, and will not create excess noise – so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours. You will also find very little dust, mess, and disruption with this technique. Things can be over quickly, and you’ll barely notice that any work has taken place. You won’t need to buy your neighbour flowers, or even spend time cleaning up too much!

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Property Heating Solutions for your diamond drilling services is that we are a trustworthy, reliable, and expert team. You know can trust our 5 star service as reviewed by our customers. Take a look at our testimonials and you’ll see why people choose to work with us again and again for this type of project.

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Our team can also take care of all of your heating, plumbing & catering equipment repair needs. We pride ourselves on first class services, so you won’t need to go anywhere else for high quality services like this. Our customer service is second to none, producing happy and returning customers each and every time we work on a project.

Whether you need diamond drilling services, heating, plumbing, or catering equipment repairs, Property Heating Solutions can offer you a professional, quality service completed on time and on budget.

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