Commercial Gas Tightness Testing & Purging in Suffolk

Commercial Gas Tightness Testing & Purging in Suffolk
Commercial Gas Tightness Testing & Purging in Suffolk
Commercial Gas Tightness Testing & Purging in Suffolk

Gas Tightness Testing & Purging Suffolk: Testing your gas pipework and purging it can be a lengthy and difficult process. It requires a lot of precision and skill which is important if you want to keep your commercial gas pipework safe and reliable.

If you’re looking for gas tightness testing and purging in Suffolk, then PHS offers all of the solutions that you need. With experienced staff and a great history of previous clientele, we can offer you peace of mind when you need your gas pipework tested.

Safe & Professional Gas Pipework Testing & Purging

Gas pipework usually has to be tested for safety purposes and to ensure that your use of commercial gas pipework is safe and maintains the integrity of the system. If there are any issues, our team will find it and have it fixed in an efficient manner.

The process of gas pipework testing and purging can take a while, which is why it needs to be carried out be expertly trained staff with a lot of experience. This guarantees that the tests aren’t rushed and are carried out in a safe, careful and professional manner.

Anything less, and you’ll find that you could be putting other contractors and engineers at risk due to negligence.

It’s important to carry out these safety checks before performing any kind of repair or modifications on your pipework. For instance, if you’re installing a new commercial heating system or extending it to reach a different part of your property, then the existing gas needs to be purged from the system so that it doesn’t put the contractors at risk during their work.

Once the pipe has safely been purged, it is then ready for other tools and can be modified to your liking just like any other pipe.

Gas Tightness Testing & Purging in Suffolk

Trusted Heating Engineers With an Unbeatable Reputation

PHS has some of the most experienced commercial pipework testing and purging engineers in the whole of South East. We use equipment that is well-maintained and tested to ensure a high level of accuracy and precision.

We calibrate our tools on a regular basis to ensure accurate readings are reported to prevent any kind of safety violations that could happen as a result of neglect on our part.

We’ll carry out a full risk assessment of your property before anything happens. This is to ensure the safety of your business as well as our engineers, and you’ll be told everything that will happen before we check your pipework or purge the system of gas.

Contact us now if you have any further questions or if you’d like to book an appointment with one of our engineers to further discuss your needs. If you smell gas or detect it in your property, or if you have future works planned that involve changing your gas pipes and modifying them, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to arrange for an engineer to come out and visit your property for further analysis.

We also recommend that you carry out regular pipework tests to ensure everything is safe.

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